Mount Wasabi storage bucket using s3fs and /etc/fstab on Ubuntu

Wasabi’s official documentation on using s3fs to mount a storage bucket is lacking an example of using /etc/fstab to persist the bucket mount following a reboot.

To use /etc/fstab to permanently mount a Wasabi bucket using s3fs on Ubuntu, first install s3fs:

sudo apt-get install s3fs

Create a filesystem location to mount the bucket:

sudo mkdir /mnt/wasabi_bucket
sudo chmod 777 /mnt/wasabi_bucket

Create the entry in /etc/fstab:

wasabi_bucket:/ /mnt/wasabi_bucket fuse.s3fs _netdev,allow_other,use_path_request_style,url=,use_cache=/tmp 0 0

Mount the bucket:

sudo mount -a


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